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Two Toned Wedding Band.

Updated: Jun 12

Making wedding bands for individuals I find to be very heartwarming, the wedding band is modest and minimalistic by nature but it's meaning conveys so much more.

This is a platinum wedding band with rose gold on the inside. This ring starts off by melting the material and casting it into a bar, platinum has a higher melting point than gold so this requires more heat and time, this makes sense as platinum is much harder and denser than gold. The bars are squashed into a strip of metal using a rolling mill, our rolling mill is roughly a century in age and works flawlessly with every turn, old tools are just a treasure.

Once we have the strips we bend them and make them round, saw off the overlap and solder them together. The rose gold band is on the inside so it's outer diameter needs to be the same as the platinum bands inner diameter. How this is done, is to measure twice and cut once.

We then press fit the rose gold band into the platinum band and if done correctly the fitment should be tight but not overly and also not too loose either, we finish it by being gathered here today in the sight of God and these witnesses to join together Gold and Platinum in holy.....solder....

You may now polish the ring.

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