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The Jade painting framed in Gold.

"I'd like a Jade pendant using the gold from my ring, please!" this was the clients words, so we set off on our next bespoke Jewellery venture.

Jewellery and art interlink in design and style, and an abstract painting in an artist's studio or representing gallery can also be minimised and framed into a piece of jewellery. This piece of jade has been framed in 9k yellow gold and has the clients own ring holding the frame.

There is a saying in jewellery if you hit a piece of jade with a hammer it will ring like a bell, whilst this is not advised to be taken literally, jade is extremely tough and durable. What interests me even more with jade is that it is a much loved favourite of the jewellery world of green, because the history of jade has a strong connection with Chinese culture, being a metaphor of heaven.

I enjoyed framing this miniature artwork of jade and whilst the artist is still unknown the client loved seeing it's release after completion.

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