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Lapis lazuli in silver.

Updated: Jun 12

Lapis lazuli has a history through the pigmentation of ultramarine which in the past was so difficult to achieve. Blue became royal, it's value exceeded that of even gold. Fast forward to the present, the refinement of ultramarine is no longer an issue and it still upholds its characteristics of being such a deep and vibrant blue, the best colour of its class in terms of opaque stones in my opinion.

This ring constructed of silver holds a lapis in a cabochon cut. This smooth uniform shape brings out the best of the stone, the blue hue and the subtle gold flakes. These flakes are actually pyrite which is almost always found in lapis viens. To me personally this creates a starry night sky appearance and even a body of still water with small golden leaves floating on the surface.

This piece follows a modern and minimalistic design with straight flat surfaces wrapped into a circular construction of the shank and stone bezel, this has been accompanied with silver bar accents that sit on the rings shoulders. The creation also led into a painting produced as reflection of this captivating stone, such is the way of the creative process it leads into a multiplicity of ideas.

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