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Journey into the heart of a Sapphire.

Updated: Apr 7

Ultrāmarīnus, from Latin: beyond the sea has been a desirable colour based on its placement in the history of art canon. Ultramarine pigment is found rarely in nature and was highly sought after by artists in the 14th and 15th century, also considered to be equal in value to gold.

Sapphires of this colour share a similar representation from this historical facet. When they are combined with yellow gold, the deep richness of the blues are presented even more so. This is because they are complementary colours.

This ring was built as a traditional four claw, Tiffany style setting that exhibits it's colour, cut and clarity, our client chose a Tiffany style setting so that the pavilion (the pointed tip) was also visible, which allowed as much of the sapphire to be seen, creating a careful balance of security and visibility.

This ring focused on the principles of conveying the maximum surface area and the colour intensity of the sapphire and we enjoyed delivering this.

Ben county Jewellers.

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