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A Contemporary Solitaire Ring.

Being an artist involves thinking. A lot of thinking and then suddenly a moment of doing and creating something with vision and relentless energy.

This ring grew from thinking about solitaire rings 'I want to experiment and do a contemporary version of the solitaire' were my thoughts.

Contemporary design is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, and clean lines. This is textbook, but to me contemporary design is displine, it's holding back on complexity but ultimately giving in to the moment of creation with sudden changes and choices executed with accuracy.

First start with the basics, make a simple band, now put a twist in it, but do it equally and neatly. Where is that diamond going to go? There! In the flat section of the twist, the tip of the stone will be raised from the negative space of the twist curvature. It all works, it flows and has been created from a flowing thought process that suddenly changes and adapts.

These are my thoughts on the creative process of this ring, to me it much resembles the shape of a piece of fusilli pasta?

The fusilli pasta ring everybody.

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